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Sunset Point is the new 21st-century settlement of Elbow Cay and features traditional Bahamian-style cottages with white hardy board siding, cedar shake roofs and bright, colorful shutters. Reminiscent of the authentic and historical craft of Hope Town, the cottages have an understated elegance and simple proportional massing. Other features include dramatic ocean views, modern engineering, detailed elaborations, unique floorplans, cool pools, and private docks.


Cronk Duch Architecture is celebrating its 18th anniversary as a design-focused architecture firm committed to the creation of buildings and urban places completing over 200 projects throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The firm operates two design studios in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, Florida as the creative foundation for all projects directed by a talented and experienced team of architects, designers, and dreamers.

The firm’s design approach is grounded in a philosophy that reflects a respect for history, theory and the traditional building arts. Architecture created out of classical principles and vernacular traditions while responding to local site qualities and the innovations of our time become both reflective and contemporary.

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